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it is my sincere hope to help especially those with Diabetes:

So as to stop and reverse the disease in its tracks, get more patients off their medications and diabetes-related drugs, lower their dependence on insulin doses, reduce their weight without  the stress of dieting, the stress of not exercising enough, or eating things that may not make them as happy as they can be; I want to educate as many as humanly possible so they can share what they know about this very special ingredient; globally, Ganoderma has the potential to protect many from the dreadful complications that kill every year.  There is no need to suffer.

Whose blessings are you blocking by not sharing what you know? 

Global coffee beans

For your home, office, restaurant, cafe, staff, etc.  DID YOU KNOW?

  • Employees are happier in offices where coffee is supplied for them.
  • People who work where coffee is supplied by their employees for free, are more productive than those who do not.
  • This brand of coffee in your office can save money in the long run. [less sick time, boosts immunity, more productive staff]
  • Use of this brand saves you time & coffee. [make a cup as needed-no waste-pour hot water into cup & stir]

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