More and More people are benefitting from OG! gotta love it be blessed and be a blessing...
OrGano Gold Testimonials (These are the best Testimonials in the Industry!)

I don't know where to begin, OG gave me back my strength and my life! I suffered from major anxiety that caused my digestive system to stop working (the doctors only wanted me to drink broth) and my kidney was partially shutting down. Panic attacks sometimes two and three times a day! My skin turned yellow I lost all energy and just wanted to stay in bed PLUS I gained over 40 lbs. I was miserable! I hated life I didn't want to be seen in public. I didn't want to hang with my friends( I held myself prisoner in my home for almost a year only doing bare minimum) but the saddest thing was I was sad for my sons because I didn't feel like I could stay positive for them, even though I was fighting every day just to breathe ( I got diagnosed with a breathing pattern disorder). I was worried that I was setting an example of giving up and being lazy. When in reality I hadn't stop fighting I just didn't know what to equip myself with to defend myself. I was embarrassed for them because!
  they had to see me like this I was so angry because I thought I was losing my mind, I thought I was being weak minded. I thought it was all in my head!  I couldn't control my emotions and I was trying to cover my pain. I felt like I had just jumped into a pool and was fighting to swim to the top for oxygen and I couldn't get there. After 6 doctors and no reason for any of this the consensus was I suffered from extreme negative emotions from my past that I had pushed so far deep into my self consciences and didn't remember much. Thanks to the wonderful products that I take ALL of, it helped the issues that were visible,I am breathing normally I have lost 15 lbs,(still on the decrease) my skin is back to its normal color, no more rashes or itching of the skin and I am living again. This time I have a new agenda, thanks to our amazing leadership in Jay and Carrie, Holton and Earlene, and Shane every summit was my counseling it was my healing in believing in myself again, lovi!
 ng me again and knowing I can have whatever I like! (YOU INC.)The peop
le closest to me had no idea my hurts, or maybe it was they just didn't know how to help. This amazing group of people (OG) WHO CARE knew and I didn't have to say a word. I just always felt like they believed and they KNEW and I always felt like Jay and Holton were talking to me. As a product it is unbelievable, but as a company THERE ARE NO WORDS!  I fully understand why Think and Grow Rich and the Napoleon Hill Group want to stand behind Organo Gold and the amazing Bernie Chua, Jay Noland and Shane Morand and their wonderful wives that OG would never be possible with out. Lastly, Rod Smith Thank you for not leaving me behind, giving me what's so helped you and many others. One day very soon.

God Bless and love with all,
Jami M. (South Florida)


As an entrepreneur most of my life I have been involve in several different types of businesses including several network marketing businesses. Since my past experiences were never positive (or I should say never beneficial) I put myself in a state of being set against them all. OrGano Gold has change my whole perception and for many different reasons but mainly it is due to the health benefits that it offers people. I see it as a win, win situation for myself and for all the people that I have the potential to reach. I am very excite to be apart of this company.

Jose L.


My son and I had H1N1 (swine flu) we drank the Gourmet Black coffee for 3 days no medicine expect a few tylenol, Flu was no longer with us... Doctors where baffled.

Akeem .(Kentucky)



I have been drinking OG coffee and tea since Sept 16 th, 2009 and thoroughly enjoying the taste.

I have had my own 'coincidence' occur, one that brings tears to my eyes.

I have struggled with my menstrual cycle every since it began. I have never been able to menstruate drug-free before in my life.

After drinking the coffee for a month, I noticed I had no PMS symptoms and had an almost pain free period. Before my period would have been a 10/10 on the pain scale, this month it was a 1/10...amazing.

I have been seeking relief for these symptoms for years but to no avail.

This is a miracle in my life. I wanted to share.

Thank you so much,
Andrea S. (Regina, SK, Canada)


My name is Kristen B. and I am from Calgary, Alberta.

I have been using the products for over 1 year, and I seem to notice new coincidences all the time!  My newest testimony is about not having stomach aches anymore.

Before OrGano Gold, I had gone to the Doctor many times about stomach pains that I would have around 4 or 5pm  No Doctor knew what the cause was. I have found that since consuming the OrGano Gold products - including the wonderful Capsules, I don't have stomach pains anymore!

I had never thought that it might be acid problems from my morning coffee, because I was having pain in the afternoon.  I had my PH tested a short while ago - I tested 6 - water is 7!! Also, before OrGano Gold, I had what I thought was a good sleep, but after introducing a Hot Chocolate just before I go to bed I have noticed that I have an INCREDIBLY deep, relaxing sleep.  I think it's a great coincidence!

Thank you OG!

Kristen B. (Calgary, AB, Canada)



I never liked green tea before no matter what brand I tried, but I love OrGanoGold Green Tea.  I used to buy mochas from Starbuck's and other coffee shops, but OrGanoGold Mocha is every bit as delicious as Starbuck's, just add the whipped cream!!  Thank you to Bob P. for introducing me to these great products.

Holly H. (Victoria, BC, Canada)


My name is Sandy P. and I just wanted to let you know what the OG healthy coffee has done for me and my family.  First of all, I was very sceptical...I thought it was just another scheme...not so.  I was suffering from extreme joint pain (I could barely lift my arms) and chronic fatigue.  I would come home from work and get on the couch and not be able to kids quite often had to fend for dinner themselves.  Danielle Marley suggested I drink the coffee...I usually only drank one cup of regular coffee a day, because I got the jitters and burning stomach from it if I had any more.  I switched to 1 cup of the OG healthy coffee, it took me a couple of cups to get used to the different flavour, but I did like it and noticed my energy level went up a bit.  I still had the joint pain.  Danielle M suggested that I start taking the capsules...I started with 1 spore cap a day and noticed a difference in both my energy level and the joint pain.  My shoulders were much better. !
  I now drink 1-3 cups of coffee and tea a day because I love the taste and I take all the capsules because it makes me feel great...I have all the energy in the world now (I am working out again) and NO more joint pain.  Another difference I have noticed since being on the Organo Gold products is that I don't have any 'plumbing' issues anymore.  What a relief that is.
I have since got my whole family on the coffee, tea and capsules...everyone feels great and no more seasonal colds and flus.
I will be forever grateful to Danielle M. for introducing me to OG.

Thank you,
Sandy P. (Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada)


I was skeptical at first when I heard about a healthy coffee. Could it really taste good and be good for you? As I poured the contents into the cup and mixed it with hot water, it looked and smelled like a regular cup of coffee. When I took the first sip, I thought to myself, this isn't bad. Sip after sip, I was actually enjoying my coffee. And when I thought of the ganoderma herb being in it, I felt even better knowing that this cup of coffee was not bad for me. After getting home, I did not feel sleepy, tired or that crashing sensation like before. I mean, it is 1 a.m. and here I am typing my testimonial full of energy. Even better was the taste itself. I didn't have to add cream or sugar to it. I was delicious just like that. I can't wait to drink another cup of Organo Gold Coffee!

Fernando C.


I began drinking Organo Gold Healthy coffee in mid-June of 2009.  My husband and I were introduced to the product through our oldest daughter's teacher.  Her husband also ran fitness classes that I participated in.  Wonderful people!!!

The very first drink I tried was the green tea.  I enjoyed the taste and smoothness of the product.

After finishing the cup I felt my body detox immediately.  I needed water now!  1 hour after having drank the green tea I noticed that my muscles weren't nearly as tight and acidic feeling.  I wish I could explain that better in words but I cannot.  4 hours later, the acidity returned.

My husband, children and I left our 1st Healthy coffee party with a box of Black, Green Tea, Latte and Hot chocolate.  Oh, happy sales day for Chris and Heather!!
We also left wanting to learn more about the business.

My husband and I launched our own Organo Gold Healthy Coffee business on August 16, 2009.  It has been going very well for us so far.

Currently I drink 1-3 cups of OrGano Gold every day.  I have increased energy levels and stamina, two of the major benefits of consuming the herb Ganoderma.
I can feel my body regularly detoxifying - no tight acidic muscle feelings any more and I crave water, lots of water!

That's my Healthy Coffee story.

Corina W (Regina, SK, Canada)


I was introduced to Organo Gold from my sponsor, Theresa H, and was very skeptical.  I am someone that would of never tried this product on my own.  I decided to try it and drank it every day for a week.  I seemed to have more energy every day and definitely would say that something was happening to my body.  Just an over all feeling of "well being".  I am sold, and now I am on a mission to tell anyone that will listen what a difference it could make in their lives. I have a Latte in the morning and drink the Green Tea throughout the day.  Thank you OG, Feeling Good! Looking Good!

Nancy R (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)


October 7, 2008 my life was changed dramatically, my husband of 30 years passed away unexpectedly.  We really had not done the things to prepare either of us for something like this to happen.  There was minimum life insurance and really nothing saved in a case like this.  I knew I needed to do something to supplement my job to be comfortable, to be able to pay the bills and do some extra things.  I really wasn't looking forward to finding a part time job.  I didn't want to be away from home and my dogs more than I already was.  When I found out my first grand baby was on the way I really didn't want to miss time with him!  So I was praying for something to come my way.

I had been involved in previous multi level marketing businesses before but nothing that I really was able to work the way they should be to even know if they were for me or not.  As a result of my husband's death I was reunited with someone that I care for very much and have considered like a daughter for many years, Nina Duran.  We met for dinner and she told me about the great company she was a part of and asked if I would take a look at it and let her know what I thought.  I told her I would and we went to my first Organo Gold meeting.  Sitting at the meeting I saw that she was a part of this with Rod and Suzy who I had met through Nina before.  I knew that the 3 of them together was a positive.  I knew that I could trust whatever the business was because I knew the integrity that the 3 of them stood for.  I also knew Nina would not be inviting me to something at this time of my life that wasn't worth looking at.

I watched the presentation and was so impressed by the concept, the product and the compensation plan that I knew this was the answer to what I was looking for.  Did I mention that I have never been a coffee drinker and not even a hot drink drinker.  I had never heard of the company let alone tasted any of the products, I had never heard of Ganoderma and had no idea what is was, did or was even about!

After the presentation I told Nina to sign me up and do it at the Gold Pack, I told her I wasn't going to "miss the boat" again.  I was going to listen to what she had to say and felt in my heart I wanted to be a part of the OG family.  I also knew that I had so much going on with my husband passing away only a few months before and a new grand baby on the way how was I going to do it, but, I knew I didn't want to give up my spot.  This was at the end of February, 2009.

I have been to meetings, summits and trainings and even though I have not worked the business like I should, I never felt like I wasn't part of my OG family!  I have made so many new friends and had so many new personal experiences that I will always be thankful!

If you notice, this testimony is written on the 1 year date that my husband passed away!  The new date that my life is going to drastically change again.  The day that my commitment to Organo Gold is going to be taken seriously!  You see I hadn't done the things that Nina had told me I needed to do for my business to be successful.  This is the first day of my new start with OrganoGold and this testimony is the first step.

Thank you Nina, Rod, Suzy, my new Organo Gold family and the family that is yet to join.  Thank you also Bernie, Jay and Shane for founding this wonderful company.  I can't wait to make my mark and show what I can do with the training and support that is always there.

Where am I getting this energy?  Why am I still up when I have to get up so early?

This are questions I have been asking myself.  When I first started drinking the Green Tea and Mocha I found myself staying up later and later just getting things done!  I have to get up very early in the morning (between 4:30 and 5:00 am).  Even though when I would first wake up I knew I was tired I was able to get going and motivated right after I got up.

Well after a few months I got lazy and wasn't making my tea and not drinking the Mocha as often and I couldn't figure out why I was getting so tired all of the time!  It finally hit me, I wasnt drinking my Organo Gold!

I started drinking it regularly again and what I difference!  It's 3:30 am and I'm still up, thank goodness I have tomorrow off but I feel great!

By the way, the iced green tea is the best and the Mocha is my favorite.

Vicki C (Lakewood, CO)


I didn't think my first taste of Healthy Coffee was anything special but I thought the concept of it was mind blowing as I have been a serious coffee drinker for many years. I bought 3 boxes and asked a bunch of questions about the business, then went home to drink it up (the coffee and the business). By the end of the first box I was hooked. I spent a couple more weeks checking out the business because I really didn't want to do network marketing ever again but I couldnt resist the concept of healthy coffee. Since my first introduction in July 2009 my two conventional businesses started falling apart at the seams. I took a leap of faith and flew from my home in Nanaimo, BC to Regina, Sask to meet and hear the teachings of Jay Noland as my upline had been ripping it up enough to get his attention. I am now absolutely, without a doubt, certain where my future is headed and am prepared to do whatever is within my grasp (with the good Lords help) to do to secure it in as little!
  time as possible. I have a choice right now to watch my life fall apart and slump into the depths of pitty or throw my pride aside and burn all the goats in my path. As the band Sister Hazel put it "if you want to be somebody else, change your mind" and that is what I have just accomplished. Thanks Dave and Lee.

Peter K. (Nanaimo, BC, Canada)


Because of my job I am going in and out of places all day long. The challenge with that is that my job has to adjust very quickly to different temperatures. Last week I was exposed to a lot of rain though out the day. As a result by the the time I arrived home I was feeling very sick. I went to sleep immediately. After a few minutes I was completely congested. I was not able to breath. I panicked. As I child I had asthma and I felt how difficult it was becoming for me to breath. My daughters made me a cup of mocha and 2 ganoderma capsules. Within 15 minutes I started to feel better and able to breath. Within 20 to 30 minutes I was completely clear and able to breath normally. Those who have never had asthma have no idea how scary it is the feeling of not being able to breath. I am very grateful to have OG in my life.

Gabby R (Illinois)


You know that I am the number one fan! Of Ganoderma, since I have been taking it I am unstoppable!!
I have never had so much energy, I am healthy, my hair, my nails. People think that I am 24 not the other number.

I am a 'gym bunny' 7 days a week, I have started to run almost 30km  per week, sometimes more.

I have never felt better in my life, I want everyone I know to feel this energy and feel this good everyday!!

Anne B. (Nanaimo, BC, Canada)


My name is Brian V. I was introduced to healthy coffee and it's
capsules by Danielle Marley. In January of 2009 I went to my doctor and
complained of bloating, I.B.S, acid reflux, being very tired and just
feeling very poor. She sent me for blood work and from those tests I was made
aware that I was very unhealthy. The tests showed that I was pre-diabetic with
high cholesterol and a fatty liver. I was 198 pounds which was too much for my build.
My doctor suggested I go on some medication for cholesterol and we
needed to work on the pre-diabetes situation. I really didn't want to go
on medication so after meeting with Danielle and researching the Organo Gold
products my wife and I decided to try the products. I started trying the
products in April.

I started with the coffee and then added the capsules a few weeks later. I
am feeling great. I have lost weight and now am in between 172 and 175 pounds.
I was going for  monthly blood tests. My results came down with each blood test.
Now ALL of my numbers are within normal limits. My doctor is now asking me for
more information about Ganoderma.

Brian V. (Victoria, BC, Canada)


I am so greatful for this wonderful gift of Organo Gold supplements. I have been taking them for the last 2 months and the "coincidences" are amazing. When I was 13 I fell off a horse and suffered brain damage. The following 23 years have been filled with a variety of seizures, examinations and medicatons. Nothing has stopped the seizures. Just before starting the OG supplements I was having 1-6 seizures a week with several days of recovery.

I was also having 3-4 migraines a week. The first 28 days I was listening to my body as I tried OG Spore Powder and then the Ganoderma along side of my regular seizure meds. It wasn't until the 28th that I had a seizure. This month I've been doing Ganoderma in the morning and trying to remember to take a Spore Powder during the day. I'm on day 30 without a seizure this time. I used to spend most of my life in bed dealing with seizures and migranes. I know its only been 2 months but my life feels way different with minimal seizures and migraines. Even with 1600mgs of seizure meds I get up 3 hours earlier now. No more brain fog. I also have way more energy to exercise. I've lost weight and tightened up. I will continue to listen to my body and add more OG supplements.

I want everyone to feel as good as or better than I do, so I am excited about starting my Organo Gold business. My partner and I are very happy with the improvements to my health and my OG business. We believe we have a much better chance at achieving our family and financial goals.

Vicki W (Victoria, BC, Canada)
2 months use


Shane V (Pueblo, Co)
Working my recent job for four years, working the graveyard shift. I had a hard time trying to adjust and getting my body back to a normal schedule. Recently I was introduced to OG products by my mother who is a representative. I've try the latte and black coffee for two days and ever since then I was hooked!! I have full Energy throughout the day with no jitters, I don't feel tired at mid day, I sleep better at night and don't wake u grumpy or tired in the morning. Thanks to all who brought this product to Colorado!!

Jessica V (Pueblo, CO)
With OG products that I have taken it improved my concentration at work. I feel better and well alert. It has reduced my migraines headaches from 3 per month to 1 per month. And my blood pressure has reduced as well!! Thanks OG Family!

Shane and Jessica V (Pueblo, Colorado)


As T. Harv Eker says "When it comes to business opportunities, winners say yes and losers say no" Ironically enough, I was at one of his Peak Potentials events when opportunity came knocking. I said yes. "Yes Lana, I will have a cup of coffee with you." Left camp and enjoyed my additional two weeks of vacation in the East Kootenays before heading back to Phoenix. Again, opportunity knocked. "Yes Cameron, I will teach you what I know about another MLM." So by the time we had driven the 1500 miles back to Phoenix, he was acting like he had just found a winning lottery ticket. He was excited and so was I. Here I thought, wow what an opportunity to be with my son and help him make a success of his life without the struggle of climbing the corporate ladder and trading time for wages.

After getting home, I talked with Lana some more and found out how similar OrganoGold was to another company and their compensation plans. But wait. This is coffee? Who drinks coffee? How hard would it be to sell coffee? Healthy coffee? Now my head was spinning, thinking of all the people in my life that need to be healthier and if they did, just how many years it might add to their ailing body and how much longer I could enjoy them in my life. I'm in! I'm off to Jamaica to learn learn learn. Well, I did have some fun there too.

So here is the tricky do you have this much fun selling healthy coffee, making people healthy and wealthy and make it look like work?

I sold my business, loaded up my truck with coffee and my son and I are off to have a wonderful life doing whatever we want, wherever we want while making people healthy and wealthy, drinking coffee........ I mean, ummmm, working.

Life is too short to drink %@#% (bad) coffee!

Thomas MacDonald (Phoenix, Arizona)


I've been listening to my body since I started enjoying the OG beverages.
There have been two significant differences...

#1 Energy Boost
I'm a nurse and my normal routine is to work three 12-hour shifts on the weekends.
Usually I get one good night's sleep on Thursday night. Then I go go go all weekend,
working Fri, Sat & Sun nights with activities planned in between. I allow my body
very little rest and have been known to spend the Monday after the last shift nearly
exhausted, and "crashing" by Monday evening.

Since enjoying the OG coffee and tea, I have noticed that I have more energy
during my "marathon" weekends. I don't feel tired on Monday, even after working
all weekend.

#2 Efficient Bowels
Again, I'm a nurse and I tend to notice things some would dismiss, like how
my body is eliminating waste. Since consuming the OG beverages, I have noticed
my bowels moving more often, with more output and less effort. I know, like I said
before, not a subject most want to talk about. But everyone does it, ideally at least
daily, if not more than once a day.

Are these two differences a direct effect of drinking healthier beverages? I don't know,
all I know is... I'm enjoying the difference and I'm not going to stop enjoying OG.

To your prosperity,

Collette G. (Riverside, California)


I will start by saying, my testimony is a work in progress.....It keeps getting better every day.  It began when someone I had never met asked me the question; "Do you or someone you know drink coffee at least occasionally?"  My answer was, yes of course!  Then, "How do you drink your coffee? Black or with cream and sugar? My answer was, cream and sugar.  Then Heather simply said she had her own coffee business and would I be willing to try a sample and get back with her and let her know what I thought about it. ex. .How is the taste and how did it make you feel?  The reality of it all is this.....I tried the coffee the same day, I was in awe at what I felt.  No jitters or anxiety, which had always been my testimony about coffee in the past.  I got back with Heather within a few hours and bombarded her with a million questions.  Then she explained that I could duplicate what she had just done with me and that she had others on her team that would guarantee my success if I wa!
 s willing to follow the 4 step process.  I find it hard to contain myself from all the excitement.  I have surrounded myself with people who I had never met but have immediately become a part of my life. They truly care about my success because helping others is what it's all about.  My mindset has changed and I will not turn back.  I will be here to help someone else find their dream.  I am on the right track thanks to Heather Putman and Brett Shoemaker.  See you at the Houston summit :)


Tina H. (Wylie, Texas)


My Aunt Ellen said the ganoderma tea has made her feel better than she did prior to us coming to San Antonio.  She was experiencing some pain in her shoulder and was originally scheduled to have an MRI, but I think she has redirected her thoughts about the MRI since she's been drinking the tea!

Rosondra B. (Denver, Colorado)


Dear Shane and Jay,

I am sending this testimonial to express my excitement about Organo Gold's Ganoderma capsules.  I had the pleasure of attending the Leadership Summit in Jamaica .  While there I listened to reports from others including a Naturopathic Doctor who has been examining the effects of Ganoderma.  I decided to begin taking the capsules to see if I might improve my stamina.  I cannot put into words my " excitement" to find how well I feel and how I can go throughout the day with energy to spare.  I am noticing a certain wellness coming over me and a definite return to balance in my body.  I truly believe this is a result of the product.  Please post this testimonial for all to see as I will be sure to support the spreading of the benefits of one really  Great product.

Steve Nash (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


After drinking the coffee and taking the capsules I noticed that I have less severe headaches for which I have prescribed medication for.  Also, I noticed that I have not worn my brace for wrist pain because of the amount of writing and computer usage at my job.

Ikea M. (Buffalo, NY)


This summer has been like no other for me. I have mentioned before: I have osteo-arthritis/porosis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease (in my upper and lower back) as well as bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. I had to quit my Assistant Mgr. Position in Dec. 06 because I could no longer stand the long hours and count the money or hold the boxes I needed to pack in the customers' orders. By the time my short term disability ran out I was still unable to return to work and we have been struggling on one income ever since. Because of the major pain and the medications I was taking I was spending more time in bed than out of it. I could not empty the dishwasher without having to sit down in between because it hurt my back so much. Vacuuming took me forever as I had to stop and sit several times to rest my back. The usual household chores that we normally take for granted were very painful for me.

I was introduced to OG in April. I started with one cup of coffee which gave me energy right away. I signed up immediately and went to my first home meeting that night and drank my first cup of tea and picked up my consultant pack at the same time.

I did not expect to sleep that night because anytime I drink coffee or tea after 1pm I am awake all night long. Well, let me tell you, I slept like a baby. I could not believe it. However, as usual come morning I awoke with my normal pains and numbness in my legs and arms. I asked my husband to bring me a cup of OG Gourmet Black Coffee before he left for work and before I was half way through the cup I was up out of bed before I even knew I was up. I couldn't believe it! Half a cup of coffee got me up before 8 am. Normally I was in bed til 10 or 11 am.Now, I am drinking the coffee all day and taking one of each capsule. I take my Gourmet Black coffee sachets with me every where I go.

I went outside one day at 9:30 am planning to do some weeding for a couple hours before it got too hot. By the time I couldn't stand it any more, my legs were so sore from stretching, kneeling, bending and my hands could not pull one more weed, I could barely make it back into the house. You know what? I looked at the clock expected it to be about 11:30-12:00? It was almost 2pm! I was outside for 4 1/2 hours! Never in my life have I spent that much time weeding, ever. Not even as a child. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my feet at the age of twelve.

It's been like that for me all summer, I'm either weeding, or painting the walls/trim inside the house, or housework, baking. I can't sit still. I'm hardly ever at the computer, I used to be sitting in front of the computer or in bed most of the day. My  t4's? I used to take 2 every 3 1/2-4hrs, I went all summer without them. Now, everyone I meet hears my story.

That's not all, my husband, Ray (65)... His blood pressure has dropped 20 points and he swears his hair is growing back on his head, his arms and shoulders are growing "peach fuzz"  and he also has more energy without the jitters that regular coffee gives a person. Ray's doctor was monitoring his prostate "psa"levels without us knowing about it. He was sending him for what we thought were routine blood tests for cholesterol. His psa levels (we found out after the third one) were 4.2, 6.4, 10.4. After the third one the doctor was very concerned at the possibility of prostate cancer. He wanted Ray to go for one more blood test "when he got the time". I doubled up his intake of spores and ganoderma capsules and told him to drink more coffee during the day. A few weeks later he went for his blood tests. We didn't hear from the doctor after a couple weeks so Ray phoned and the receptionist told him that the tests were normal. He didn't get that dreaded phone call - "can you come !
 in?, the Doctor would like to speak to you".

That was a couple months ago. Ray continues to take two spores, two ganoderma, one grapeseed oil extract and one myselium capsule daily. I take one of each and we both drink coffee all day. Primarily black, Ray likes latte, too and I mix and match depending on my mood.

OrGano Gold's 100% Organic Ganoderma in any form should be in everyone's home. That is My Goal!

Sandra P. (Wembley, Alberta, Canada)



One afternoon after my wife and daughter left the house, I went to the
laundry room and retrieved a length of rope that had been there for over 3
yrs. I went for the rope because over the previous couple of months,
disquieting thoughts rumbled through my head. You see, I am Bi-Polar and had
taken myself off two powerful prescription drugs. My wife was very concerned
about the medications I was taking and recommended that I have my doctor
prescribe something else. I was tired of being 'drugged up'.

Because of my condition, I am only able to work a part-time job.
Needless-to-say, I quite often fell into a financial quandary. Not knowing
sometimes where I was going to get the next meal for my family, would drive
me into one of my deep depressive episodes.

Well, as I slowly walked to the laundry room, I was visualizing myself
hanging by the neck from the ceiling in my garage. I took the rope from the
closet and went towards the garage. As I did, my pet Jack Russell was as
cheerful as he always is-trying to have me play with him. I had to fend him
off a few times as I struggled to get in the garage door without him
following me. I sat on a Palate exercise machine and started to tie a noose
with the rope. I could not remember how to do it. My concentration was not
all there-my thoughts fluctuated between the family I was about to leave
behind and how I was to tie the noose.

Finally, I had the rope ready. I stood up, stepped up onto the Palate
machine, and threw the rope over one of the wooden beams the the garage
ceiling. After adjusting the rope's length, I slowly placed it over my head
and positioned the noose on the left side of my neck. I stood there for
about 5 minutes, still agonizing over how and what my 14 year old daughter
would feel. That thought prevented me from going through with it. I took the
noose off my neck and stepped off the Palate machine. I took the rope down
and hid it in the garage, figuring that I would someday need it.

A few days after that, my sister called me and asked if I would like to get
in the coffee business with her. She said she was on her way to a meeting
that would explain the compensation plan and she wanted me to go with her. I
said yes even before I realized what I was getting into. I hurriedly texted
her cellphone and told her to forget it because I was in the middle of doing
something. She texted me back and ask if I couldn't finish what I was doing
after I came back. So reluctantly, I went with her. That was a LIFE CHANGING
MOMENT for me.

After the presentation, I signed up as an Independent Distributor for the
OrGano Gold Pack. They produce a line of Healthy Beverage products that is
infused with a herbal extract called Ganoderma Lucidum. Everybody at the
meeting was extremely excited about the health benefits of this thing they
called "King of Herbs".

I signed up for what I thought was an order for 83 boxes of Gourmet Coffee.
When I saw my order online, it revealed that my order would contain 32 boxes
of coffee and 16 bottles of the company's Ganoderma capsules. I immediately
called my sister to complain about my order. She reassured me that she would
exchange the capsules with coffee. However, after I hung up the phone with
her, I started thinking, "With all the OOP La about the Ganoderma, I should
see what the effects would be for me". I called my sister back and told her
I decided to keep the capsules since I was not on any prescribed medication
for my Bi-polar condition.

Now, let me take you back to the time after I came off my medication. One of
the medications I was taking, helped me sleep at night. Subsequently, since
I was no longer taking it, I now was awake for most of the night. My wife
insisted that I go to my Primary Care Physician to get something for me to
be able to sleep. I was prescribed Ambien CR. It did the job-I slept
wonderfully. But then I started to develop a serious side-effect from it. I
had what I can only describe as Coerces of the bladder, a constant burning
pain in my bladder and groin. Once I confirmed that Ambien CR was indeed
causing this ill-effect, I stopped taking it. Now I was back staring at my
bedroom ceiling at night, trying to fall asleep. When I did drift off to
sleep, I was awaking at least 3 times every night to go use the toilet (#1).
That was also caused by the Ambien CR.

So, when my OrGano Gold shipment arrived, I was excited to start taking the
Ganoderma Lucidum capsules. I started taking 2 of the Ganoderma capsules
twice a day, and 2 of the Ganoderma Spores capsules before going to bed.
Immediately, I felt the effects. I was only getting up once a night to use
the toilet, and with 2 weeks, I was sleeping like a baby. My wife still
can't believe it. Then, a few days ago, I was realizing that those
disquieting thoughts of suicide were no longer there. My life has changed
for the better. I did not expect this at all. In fact, I have always been
skeptical of the so-called Health products that claim to cure everything.

OrGano Gold came into my life on July 17, 2009, and has done more for me in
weeks, what other medication could not do in all the years since my
diagnosis. I am PROUD to be a Representative of OrGano Gold Ltd. Thank you
very much OrGano Gold!

LEM (Houston, TX)


Since I have ben drinking Organa gold I feel a lot better less stress and
lower blood presure. I have been using the product for about 6 weeks and have
found a significant change with in me. I have also lost approx . 8 pounds and
still losing feels great.

Bob P. (Magnolia, Texas)


We love the taste on OG coffee!!  We have more energy, we sleep better than
ever before and wake up refreshed.

Regarding our kids, I gave my 10 year old the mycelium for focus in school,
after 3 days she started requesting the "vitamin" because she didn't have
headaches during the day when she took them (I didn't even know she was
having headaches at school)

My son is 16 yrs old and has blemish challenges (achne).  Once he started
listening to me and washing his face with the G3 soap twice a day (AM/PM)
his blemishes have started to receed.  Now he washes his face almost as much
as he does his hands.....every time he goes to the bathroom.

My 7 year old just loves to drink coffee and now I can allow her to as much
as she likes.

Both of the girls love selling coffee to our neighbors and always spot
someone that I need to talk to that needs a sample.

Our family loves this business and we ALL can do things that generate coffee

God knew that there would come a time when the world would need Organic
Ganoderma and now is the time to get it to the world, the timing is his and
it couldn't be more perfect!!!

We are blessed to be a part of it all.

Make your life great!
Miles and Jackie A. and Family
(Magnolia, Texas)


Everyday on my way to school and work I would always stop by the Starbucks and get a coffee. After drinking all this (Starbucks) coffee I always felt sick, my stomach would be yelling at me in a way and I would get lots of headaches. Of course like many people I would never admit that it was my daily coffee, that gives me energy for only a hour or so before a nice crash, I just couldn't give it up. Then I started working at this new place and was introduced to Organo Gold, I tried it and was like this is good. I didn"t know what the hype was about Organo coffee and how it worked wonders on your body, so I didn't take it seriously. Then I attended a coffee night, and wow I couldn"t believe the power of ganoderma just from drinking your daily coffee. So after that I stopped Starbucks and completely went to drinking Organo (OG), I fell in love with the different flavors and started to notice a difference right away. My stomach wasn't reacting beacause there was no acid harming !
 it anymore, My energy level went up, and my overall body and mind felt great, and I am sure I will notice more beneifits to come. With such amazing results, I recommended this product to anybody wanting to get off coffee without breaking your habit, as well to anybody in general.... it's AMAZING! and it's Coffee, how genius!

AJ Trew (Saskatoon, SK, Canada)


I started drinking coffee with ganoderma (OG) in 2008 because it was healthier.  Little did I know at the time what a benefit it was to my body.  My seasonal allergies were almost non-existent but at the time I didn't realize it was because of the ganoderma.  The following year I took a hiatus from drinking the coffee and my allergies were back full force.  Shortly after that I went to an OrGano Gold event and learned the why and how behind ganoderma.  I immediately went back to drinking my one cup of OrGano Gold coffee a day, and I started to pay attention to how my body was feeling.

Here's a list of changes that I've noticed:
*       No coffee jitters!!
*       My seasonal allergies are controlled.
*       I have noticed that I no longer need a lunch or after work coffee to help me keep going.
*       I no longer need a 'cat nap' after work.
*       My heart is working less hard - my heart rate at work is now in the low 70's versus the low 90's when I was drinking regular coffee.
*       It is easy for me to jump on the elliptical machine and hammer out a 25 minute cardio workout even though I'm guilty of owning a gym membership that I hardly use.
*       I lost about 5 pounds without changing my habits.
*       I use much less lotion and lip balm since I am now better hydrated with OrGano Gold versus regular coffee.
*       Lastly, my mood is improved and I feel better overall.

I am now starting to take the capsules once a day and can't believe the energy I have!  I work in the front lines of an acute care hospital and I truly believe that the immune boosting benefits will help me stay healthy and able to combat whatever mother nature throws my way!  So far I haven't been sick since I restarted OrGano Gold and I'm looking forward to keeping it that way!

Nadeane Nelson (Reginak, SK, Canada)


I have been consuming the OG black coffee since February 2009.

Love all the beverages -  my favorite is the bodacious black.  Are you looking for a true black coffee experience?  I was, I found it in the OG beverages  -  MUST TRY - you won't be disappointed.

Taking all the capsules since April.  Amazing health coincidence.  I was in a motor vehicle accident in 2003 - major soft tissue injuries and cervical, thoracic and lumbar injuries.  I have not had a soft tissue flare-up since consuming the OG beverage and the capsules.  This is the first Spring since 2003 that I  can play in my garden flower beds without pain and discomfort.   I didn't recognize it immediately that I hadn't changed anything in my life - other than consuming OG beverages and taking the caps and the experience is incredible.

Pat Wagman (Regina, SK, Canada)


I would like to say that it took me almost a year to try the coffee.  I couldn't imagine drinking "instant" coffee after drinking brewed coffee for years.  Candy Nash kept giving me samples and I finally tried the Latte and actually didn't mind it.  I thought maybe I should buy one box and see.  After a couple of cups...that was it...I was hooked!!!  I tried Timmies (Tim Horton's) again and it actually made me "sick". The Organo Gold coffee is the ONLY thing I will drink now.  I take it with me or I don't drink anything at all!!

I have had some medical issues since 1987 and this coffee has actually taken away my dizziness and hot flashes!! I do have more energy in the doubt about it.  I don't care how much it costs...I will not go without it. I had my parents try it and they drink it everyday and have noticed more energy!! I wish everyone would try this coffee and really could change your life!

Heather K. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


When I first heard about healthy coffee my first reaction was that I dont even drink coffee and how in the world can COFFEE be HEALTHY!!! However, I WAS a big Energy Drink fan (Monster, Red Bull, etc.), so when I was told that this coffee would give me energy I gave it a shot. I drank it and had a TON of Energy almost the entire day and never got jitters, shakes, or crash like I normally did drinking my energy drinks. Then a few days later while listening to a coffee break call in the morning I heard someone telling their testimony that they woke up easier in the morning and I had realized that I had also not been hitting snooze and falling back off in the morning. I would be up for good as soon as my alarm would go off. Darn Ganoderma!! Now, I can not start my day without a hot cup of OG and my OG capsules!!!! I am COMMITTED TO TAKING THIS COMPANY TO A BILLION DOLLARS WITHIN 3 YEARS IN BUSINESS!!!!!!!

Brett Shoemaker (Richmond,Texas)


It took me quite some time to put this together as I had to ponder the evidence and make sure I was not dreaming. When I first heard about the OG coffee from my sister and sponsor I was a little skeptical as I was a green tea drinker. I suffer from gastrointestinal disorder, (Stress) I had experience a great deal of relief from aloe juice, but it did not taste good at all!

Eventually I tried it and LOVED the taste of the OG Latte' and Oh the Mocha was Divine! As I sat in my dining room and consumed cup after cup, I had to JUMP UP and Shout! call my sister and tell her that I could MOVE MOUNTAINS! I had so much energy and I was not going out the house ANYMORE without my Latte'!

Then I calmed down and wanted a "more" scientific evaluation. So I got my friend who refused to drink coffee and after much prodding, I was able to get her to drink some and Hello! the same sort of response! Well I was elated but the engineer in me forced me to calm down and get more "empirical data."

So I approached another and in the meantime I now was a distributor and had secured three farmers markets where I could sample the general public and retail the product to cover my marketing and research costs.

The second day out, (the first day was great as we sold lots of coffee and got a good response) I met a guy named Bob who was 57 and from northern PA farm country who was helping a Quaker farmer sell baked goods at the market. Bob was a logger but at the time things were slow. Bob watched us set up and after watching us sample and listening to us for a while he came over and asked about the product. After we explained the ganoderma he asked us if it had caffeine as he was not allowed caffeine by his doctor. I told him yes it has caffeine and I suggested that he not violate the directives of his doctor.

Now I want to interject that around the age of forty, my eyesight began to change and instead of my vision being twenty twenty, I now needed glassed to read or see my computer screen. At fifty one I was now used to it.

Anyway Bob watched a while longer and then came back over and asked for a four oz sample cup. We gave him one... Then about ten minutes later he asked for another. We gave him one. Ten minutes later he was standing in the walkway directing customers to our booth proclaiming that "I am not easy to impress but this coffee has me ready to run around the park," and he sold three boxes for us!

The next week Bob called me and met me at a market where he bought a box for his neighbor a seventy year old man. That day they cut two cords of wood and Bob could not be contained!

Well I still did not want to tell anyone about my eyesight and the doctor had been trying to put me on blood pressure medicine as since the financial meltdown and my "advancing age" I had seen a steady rise in my blood pressure. Well two weeks ago I returned to the doctors office and my pressure was down thirty points lower than it has been since my twenties! and I had to tell someone! It is ALL ABOUT the Ganoderma! So Bob is now a marketing associate, he really just wanted to buy the product so he started with thirteen boxes and I am sure that my gastro improvement and the fact that I can now squint to see the computer screen are just GREAT GANODENMA coincidences!!

Empirically Speaking!!
Lance C (Pittsburg, PA)



My name is John S and I became involved with Organo Gold on March 24th of 2009 after my trusted friend, Bill Thompson called me to ask if I would try some "healthy" coffee. I was a bit perplexed by this "healthy" moniker and at first, not very interested in even hearing about it since I was fairly sure it was a network marketing company. I have been involved with network marketing companies in the past and thought, "not again!"

However, trusting Bill and knowing his integrity and his heart, I said "OK, come on over, but I am not interested in hearing about any business or health issues until I myself can say truthfully that I enjoy the coffee". Being a coffee drinker, I also told him " better be real good for me to switch from brewed coffee and change my morning routine!"

After trying some of the products, (Latte, Black and Mocha) right then and there in my home, my wife and I told him that we enjoyed them, they were very good and the most noticeable thing was the smooth taste. I further told him I would pray about it and give a decision in short order. Well, I prayed and thought about the confidence I felt in Bill when I saw his passion about the company and its products and decided to go ahead and sign up with a supervisor pack and get 19 boxes of coffee.

My wife and I started drinking the coffee immediately since Bill gave us enough to tide me over until my order arrived at my home. We both drink at least 2 cups each and every day and after 7 days, I was at a local WalMart picking up a few things when my wife called me. I thought she would be adding an item or two to what I had come for. Instead, she called to tell me she had just taken her blood pressure. I became a bit frightened at what she might say next since for the past 3 years or so, her BP was high enough to be concerned but not so high to be taking meds. (140/85 +/-).

Instead, she was excited that her BP, for the first time in a long time, was 121/78 which is basically picture perfect. She asked if it could be the coffee and I said I am not sure, I don't know enough about it to say and 1 BP check certainly is not enough to be considered a good litmus test from a scientific or medical point of view. We both did not put two and two together until a few days later when her BP was consistently holding at 120/80 +/- levels for days in a row. I called around and could not get any answers but we Googled "Ganoderma, hypertension" and of course, there were countless articles that touched on the subject of utilizing Ganoderma Lucidum and hypertension. Her BP has held consistently at the same levels since April and for that benefit alone, we would buy the products since it is NOT medicine (she hates taking any meds), we drink coffee anyway, and we love the coffees even more than our previous brand!

Further, I myself have noticed that the minor prostate issues I have had in the past seem to be lessened (frequent urination, getting up at night to go etc.). I have no doubt that the Ganoderma in the coffee and tea is the reason our symptoms have gotten better. We both also noticed that our energy levels are higher and do not get fatigued as easily.

Since that time, I have a myriad of customers who enjoy the taste as well as the way it makes them feel afterwards.

I am now going full time as a representative for Organo Gold due to my previous businesses going south as a result from the consistent downward pressures in the current economy. I look forward to many lucrative years representing Organo Gold, its products and, being a product of the product.........They are off the HOOK!

John Spencer (Sugar Grove, Illinois)


I wasn't a coffee drinker prior to April 19, 2009 when I was introduced to the healthy coffee of Organo Gold. I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate almost 20 years ago, I recently had my follow-up appointment from January 2009; on Tuesday June 23, 2009. I was examined by my doctor and was told my prostate was normal. I was asked what had I been doing differently since the last visit if anything? A lot of praying and drinking healthy coffee and gave him a sample of the Latte, because that's what I drink.

Ron Carter (Houston, Texas)


My name is Karen D. and I live in Calgary, Alberta. I have been using the products for a few months now. My husband and I drink the OG black and I also enjoy the latte and the Mocha (for ice coffee's). We love the taste and started to feel good after drinking it , but didn't realize how good until we went away for the weekend and forgot to bring our coffee. Well the first morning we were having breakfast and ordered a coffee and when we took a sip, we both looked at each other like they had just served us battery acid! Well, needless to say we went without coffee for the rest of the weekend because we would rather have no coffee if we can't have our Organo Gold coffee! We choose OrGano Gold and won't leave home without it anymore!!!

Karen D (Calgary, AB, Canada)


OrGano Gold Testimonial for Dave Doyle

April, 2009

I first learned of OG when my friend Shannon told me about it in November of 2008. I bought a box of Latte from her the following month and drank it over Christmas. I haven't drunk regular coffee since. My coffee maker and bean grinder are stored in the pantry and collecting dust. Once I paid attention to what OG is all about (the health benefits of switching what's in your cup) I noticed some small differences in my daily routine that add up to a huge life change. Just by drinking the OG coffee instead of regular coffee, I noticed that I awake more refreshed, my energy lasts all day instead of crashing in the afternoon, I can drink coffee later in the day with no ill effects at bedtime, I never get 'the jitters' or 'the shakes' no matter how much I drink and I no longer feel guilty for putting something in my body that I know isn't good for me. As an experiment, I stopped drinking OG coffee for 2 weeks to see what would happen and to my surprise, I found that I had no withd!
 rawal symptoms whatsoever! When I quit drinking regular coffee in the past I ALWAYS had symptoms; headaches, cravings, fatigue etc. This experiment proved to me that the only coffee addiction I have now is a healthy one. I want my coffee because I enjoy it and I know it's good for me, not because I'm addicted and my body is fighting for it. Add to that the power of the capsules, and I don't just feel like Dave Doyle, I feel like "SuperDave Doyle"!! Thanks OG!!

UPDATE - September, 2009

For the last 6 years or so, I have had the beginnings of gum disease. Since my dentist first told me, I have been flossing more often to make sure to keep the plaque and bacteria away from the gums. For all of this time, there has ALWAYS been slight bleeding when I floss and when I brush. Last month I noticed something. I was brushing my teeth one night when I looked down into the sink and realized that there was no blood. Then I thought about it, and realized that I didn't remember bleeding for quite a while...weeks and maybe even a few months. This hasn't happened in 6 years! Coincidentally, the only different habit I've had has been consuming Ganoderma through OG Coffee and the Capsules. I have one question --- When are we getting Ganoderma Toothpaste?!

Have a Healthy Day!
Dave Doyle


I am so glad that someone let me sample a cup of coffee, since June 9th 2009 My whole family has become a walking billboard for Organo Gold healthy beverages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha! here is my latest testimonial, I had my grand daughter with me yesterday, she started coughing and having difficulty breathing (Bronchitis), so I went to get her medicine, and discovered her mom had taken it to work, by accident. So I quickly got a cup and put some Hot Cocoa in there and gave it to her and 3 miinutes later she was fine, runnning around the house again, and did not need her medicine that day.

My 15 year old has gone down 1 dress size drinking the Hot Chocolate in 1 month, and I have gone down two and a half dress sizes since June, drinking the coffee.

My Dad Diabetes is under control, as well as his Blood Pressure.

My 60 year old Uncle was brought home from California in a wheel chair, the family wasn't expecting him to live. He could not walk from the front to the back porch without being out of breath, stomach pains that the doctors could not find the roots to. He had been in and out the hospital with cogestive heart failure, as well as some other health issues. Since he started drinking the Black Coffee two months ago, I was told he has been out walking up to six blocks. He has become a regular customer of Organo Gold and is telling others about it.

I could go on and on with testimonials, of how these products and the company has change my family and my life, all I can say is thank you! thank you! thank you! Let's keep sharing the products...........

Tonya M (Ft. Worth, Texas)


Good Afternoon - My testimonial is about my brother - Rick.  Rick will be 60 in December and has some developmental disabilities.  I am his primary care-giver.

For several months last year, Rick was experiencing headaches on an almost daily basis, as well as numerous other aches and pains and said he felt terrible every day.  He lost his zest for life, and wanted to sleep most of the time.  Rick works part-time as a courtesy clerk at Safeway and complained about his fingers hurting - he also has osteo-arthritis in his fingers.

I took Rick to get his eyes tested, twice.  He had blood tests, x-rays, CT Scan, ECG - and everything came back normal.  We were at our wits end as he became extremely depressed because he was feeling so poorly all the time.  Rick had given up all the activities that had made him happy and never wanted to go anywhere or do anything.  He kept telling me he wanted to feel better and he was tired of feeling "terrible" all the time.  I didn't know what else to do to help him.  I felt helpless and he was counting on me.

Rick had given up drinking coffee several months before as it started making him nauseous.   I suggested he start drinking OG coffee and started giving him the capsules - 1 Ganoderma, 1 Mycelium, 1 Grape seed extract daily (he has since, replaced the Ganoderma capsule with the Spores).

WOW!!!  Within a week, Rick's headaches had STOPPED and he hasn't had one since.  He tells me he is "hooked" on my healthy coffee and has between 2 and 3 cups/day as well as his capsules.  After about a month, Rick had no more pain in his fingers and he was ecstatic.

I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to both of us when he says he feels "awesome" regularly and is smiling again.  He has regained his zest for life and is interested in trying new things again.  To say this has made a huge difference in both of our lives is a gross understatement.  There are no words to describe how grateful we both are for this "magical" product.  Rick attends most Healthy Coffee Days with me and looks forward to each day of feeling "awesome".

Warmest Regards,
Lynn Scheuerman (Calgary, AB, Canada)


"After only a few days of drinking the OrGano Gold coffee I can't believe how much more energy I have.  I also seem to be able to concentrate a lot better.  If this can happen after just a few days, I can only imagine the effects of OrGano Gold coffee after a longer period of time."

Janis A (Ajax, Ontario, Canada)


Hello, this is Joanne T., coffee millionaire to be from Atlanta, GA. I am brand new to OG (2 weeks) sharing this product testimony.

I received my first shipment yesterday and let me tell you I was so excited!!!!  I immediately opened the box and poured up a cup of OG Latte - I love it.  Almost, instantly I felt:

calmer nerves
more energy
determined and focused
less stressful
and I slept better last night than I have in a very long time

Thank you so much for this miraculous product and the over the top opportunity.

See you at the top!!!

Joanne T. (Atlanta, GA)


I have been using Organo Gold products for just over a week (Gourmet Black Coffee 2-3 cups daily and Mycelium 3 capsules twice daily).  I was an avid coffee drinker (4-6 cups per day) and have not had a cup of traditional coffee in over 10 days.  I DID NOT EXPERIENCE ANY CAFFEINE WITHDRAWAL!  Physically, I feel great with a significant increase in energy, an improved general sense of well-being, improved sleep and enhanced focus and mental clarity.  Furthermore, previous to starting on the Organo Gold product I was on week 4 of significant allergy symptoms and a common cold.  These symptoms completely disappeared within 2 days of being on the product (just 2 cups of Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee per day at that point).

As a healthcare professional and educator, I was a bit curious with regards to the active ingredient in the product (Ganoderma Lucidum) so I did some research.  Although I referenced many sources, I thought it fitting to cite one (Herbs Explained by Martin Stone).  From this source I quote a description, "It (Ganoderma Lucidum) has been popular for at least two thousand years in the Far East, and is considered the premier example of a superior herb.  A superior herb is considered the highest classification....".

I am convinced and I thank you for your time.

Kirk Dobrowolski (Okotoks, AB, Canada)



Thursday I decided to join the ranks of the Coffee Millionaires to be!  Friday I received my two sample boxes from my sponsor, and it wasn't until later that night I was able to sample the product for myself.  I was listening to several previous Team Talk calls (I was up to after 4am!), I decided to try a cup of the Organo Black and the Organo Latte.  After only a few moments, I noticed an increase in my energy level and I stayed up listening to several more Team Talk calls!  I won't say how late I stayed up! (Okay...I was up all night!)  The products are great!  I can't wait to try the rest of the products and to introduce them to others!

Dino H. (Columbus, OH)


I am so excited for OrGano Gold to be a major part of my life! THIS GREAT PRODUCT at THIS RIGHT TIME is monumental for me now, my daughter, and generations to come!!!

I am ever thankful to Mr. David Imonitie for inviting me out to a mixer at the home of Mr. Holton Buggs.  There was no hesitation on the decision to become a business owner.  I only had to decide where to position myself.

At the first taste of the Latte coffee I was a fan!  It was fantastically rich and delightful!  I noticed not more than a week of drinking at least one cup a day I began to have headaches.  I now know and am thankful that it was a cleansing process of my body ridding itself of toxins.

OrGano Gold products also forced me to put down a secret habit I picked up along the road in life...smoking cigarettes.  It is as if the key ingredient in our product and the key to our future success in the coffee industry, GANODERMA, had taken position and stood guard at a gateway to my body refusing the entrance of poison.  Also, as former smokers may notice, the body has an tendency to "expand" once this habit is put away.  In my case however, on the contrary.  I LOST 8LBS IN 2 WEEKS!!!

I believe this is the time for re-programming and new beginnings for many of us who choose to see it, seize it, allow it, and work it!  Many things have and will continue to change as we grow in belief and self development.


Tiffanye D. (Houston, TX)


I've been drinking the gourmet healthy coffee everyday since we went to my first meeting back in June. As you know, I did not drink coffee before that meeting, but now I drink all of the coffee's (black, latte, mocha, green tea and ocasionally the hot chocolate, but my favorite is the Latte!) and I have at least 2 a day. It makes me feel energized and ready to get though the rest of the day!

Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous coffee and amazing opportunity!
Marilen C. (Calgary, AB, Canada)


A little over a year ago I developed an abscess on my gum line.  It looked almost like a large blister on my gum line.  After having it for about 6 months I finally decided to go to the dentist, who said he hadn't ever seen anything like it.  However, he wasn't sure if it was something that would require a root canal or if it was an issue with my gums, so he referred me to a specialist.  I never went.  To be truthful, life was too busy...the abscess didn't hurt....and I would have had to pay a somewhat significant out of pocket amount to go to the specialist.  I figured I'd just "deal" until it started to hurt.

Fast forward several months...I started drinking the OG Black coffee on occasion.  Then I started to take the Spores on a daily basis.  Within a week of taking the Spores, my abscess seems to have disappeared.  I had it for about 15 months without any signs of it going away...only to rub my tongue over it after a week on the Spores to find my gums were smooth.  I suppose it could be a coincidence.

Dawn M. (Thornton, CO)


I have been using OrGano Gold products for just over a year, and became an OG representative 4&1/2 months ago.  My sponsor introduced me to OG coffee one day while I was shopping in her organic grocery store.  I was looking for a good coffee alternative because I had cut coffee almost completely out of my diet during my recent pregnancy but did miss the taste (and I had yet to find an alternative that was near satisfying).  I was elated to hear that the alternative she recommended to me was in fact coffee, and that it contained a mushroom that actually made it beneficial to one's health, rather than harmful.  As someone who does not like instant coffee for its acidity and lackluster taste, I was very surprised and impressed by how OG coffee tasted, and was completely blown away by how it made me feel.  It gave me incredible energy and just an overall feeling of wellbeing; very unlike the 'wired' feeling I experience from drinking regular caffeinated coffee.  I immediately be!
 gan accomplishing things that I had been putting off.  I felt clear-headed, inspired, and able to tackle anything.  Ideas and solutions to problems I had been facing just poured out of me.  At the time, I was in the home stretch of a course in holistic nutrition and with the help of one cup of OG coffee a day, I was able to get much more done with much better concentration, and have energy left to burn.  This was not only important to my education but most importantly to meeting the demands of my new baby daughter.  I am unable to recall a single moment of early motherhood when I felt down or overwhelmed.  I honestly embraced every challenge and every change as a miracle that was brought into my life.  I did not notice any adverse effects in my daughter during breastfeeding from my consumption of OG coffee.  In fact, she is the healthiest, happiest child I have ever seen and I think it is quite possible that my use of ganoderma lucidum is a contributing factor to her unbeli!
 evably pleasant disposition.

There is no rival to how uplifting this herb has been for me; caffeine just pales in comparison.  More than just physically energizing, I have found that ganoderma lucidum is very much a holistic herb that also aids mental focus and spiritual clarity; definitely in line with my approach to wellness.  For the remainder of my studies, I was able to complete assignments, prepare for exams, and blaze through case studies with energy and brain power that I had never known unless it was followed by a total burn out...but I didn't burn out.  I was also able to avoid the inevitable shaky, jittery feeling that had accompanied too many cups of regular coffee.  I am so thankful that I found this amazing health product during such a busy time in my life when I definitely needed to take the best care of myself and my new baby...and did!
My favourite beverage is the black coffee and I add my own organic cream and a healthy sweetener like organic maply syrup, agave nectar, or honey.  I also enjoy an organic green tea on occasion.

I am now finished school and am a practicing RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist).  I work part-time from home as I also care for my now 15 month old daughter.  I proudly recommend OG products to clients, family, and friends, and I plan to start my daughter on the mycellium supplements in the near future.  When I see what a difference it makes in people's energy levels, and in their overall lives, I am reminded of why I chose to work in the field of nutrition, and what a fortunate series of events led me to be introduced to OG products.  I know that I am using and providing products that are truly remarkable and backed by a company that is based on integrity and good energy.  I am so very appreciative for this opportunity.  Thank you Lana, and thank you OG!

S. Atcheson-Achter (Regina, SK, Canada)


I have had two responses to the products.

1) Whenever I drink regular coffee I get the shakes/jitters and can feel my heart racing.  I'm currently 40 years old and even in my early 20's, if I had a cup of coffee to try and stay awake, I would still be falling asleep at my desk at work, but my heart would be beating FAST!, pounding.  After drinking the OG coffee (black, latte, or mocha) I do get an energy boost but without the shakes/jitters or racing heart.  Also I notice no 'coffee breath' afterward.

2) After starting to drink the OG Green Tea consistently for about 2 weeks I noticed excessive mucous production for about 3 days.  I thought it might just be seasonal allergies, but this seemed a bit different than normal in terms of duration of production (3 days), quantity, and thickness (sorry for the details).  I didn't think anything of it and did not relate it to the tea consumption.  About 1-2 months later my wife heard Marianne Noad speak in Regina, SK about Ganoderma and some of its effects like the 'detoxification' response that is common with many people.  I then realized that what I had experienced 2 months earlier was likely not a coincidence/seasonal allergies but instead a response to the ganoderma helping me eliminate toxins.

Todd H (SK, Canada)


Each time I begin writing about the impact OrGano Gold has made on my life, I turn a new page in my life's chapter.  I guess that says something right there; that OG has been a consistent partner in my life since its' inception last year.

OrGano Gold is much more than just a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. OG is more than the power in the encapsulated herbs.  The sum of OG's parts do not add up...they far supercede their individual value.  OG has become part of who I am.

My path in life is not one that has an end destination, rather it's a journey.  Along the way, I've grown and learned, thanks to many people in my life who have been generous with their wisdom and leadership.  Thank you OG leaders many invaluable life lessons walking, talking and breathing integrity, appreciation of others and their ideas and efforts, taking action, never giving up, and believing in someone or something.  OG has become my inspiration to positively impact the lives of others through an amazing opportunity, equally outstanding product, and well-tuned system of delivery.  OG has become my social network, my support system and my dear family.  As a small business owner, OG has also become my part time fortune and retirement package for me and my family.  My OG team means the world to me.

And the only thing that beats the anticipation of my very favourite, bodacious black coffee with a LOT of cream is a bodacious black with a LOT of cream TOGETHER with my OG family together taking the exciting action needed to create health, wealth and happiness in the lives of others.

Lana Andreasen (Regina, SK, Canada)


I'm Steve Todrzak from Loveland Colorado, lived here for 16 years now (grew up in California). I have been in the Electrical Industry for close to 30 years now, started off as an electrician then went into sales.

I noticed that every day in the afternoon I had to have a 20-minute nap just to make it through the rest of the day at work, I was gaining weight and loosing my motivation in my job. Seemed like the same thing every day going on for months into years. After I was introduced to O.G. and I started using the products, I noticed after a couple of months drinking the beverages and using the capsules I wasn't needing my afternoon nap anymore. Last time on my scale I actually lost 13 pounds, I found myself more focused and had more motivation in my life to do things that I would have never thought I could do before O.G.  So I will be an O.G. customer for life now, I haven't felt better or more alive in years. Call it want you want but I credit this to me using the O.G. products on a daily bases, I have used all of them and my family does too.

Steve Todrzak (Loveland, Colorado)


I am Danette LeLievre , I'm 37 years old, and I have been a long distance runner for over 12 years now.  I'm always working hard to improve my performance and better my race times.  I'm also a nurse, so I'm constantly looking for ways to maintain a high level of health.  When I was introduced to Organo Gold I was intrigued but skeptical at first.  I'm not a coffee drinker so I chose to try the spore capsules instead.  I noticed in the first week that I had more energy, I could think clearer and felt more productive in general.  After taking the spores for 6 weeks or so I ran a 7 mile race - this race has a quite challenging course.  It was a race I had competed in for many years previously.  This year, even though I hadn't been training as much as usual, I beat my personal record and I finished about 10 minutes faster than I had expected (remember, I hadn't been training as hard as usual).  I was excited but curious how I had finished so quickly - then I realized that the on!
 ly thing new in my life was the Organo Gold spores.  And from a medical perspective I feel strongly that these products are effective at helping me cleanse my body of toxins and improve my overall general health.  I don't usually like taking pills or too many supplements - I try to get all my necessary nutrients from healthy foods.  But I feel that Organo Gold offers healthy properties that other supplements cannot.   Thank you Steve for introducing these products to me and I look forward to experiencing more health benefits from Organo Gold.

Thanks OG!!!

Danette LeLievre (Colorado)


Following are my thoughts/compliments/testimonials/feedback on your product.

After 24 hours, this is what I recorded.

1.) First of all I was VERY surprised that this product was an instant coffee. As soon as Miles started to pour the water in I thought "uh oh, here we go, a watery cup of black coffee".... to the contrary, the coffee was very rich and very tasty. I always drink my coffee with cream and was surprised to find that I was quite enjoying this flavour without cream.

2.) Within 2-4 hours of drinking the coffee, I felt very "opened" up. Its hard to describe, but I felt as if my brain was firing on ALL pistons. I also am a chain smoker and did NOT feel the urge to smoke.

3.) Within 5 hours of drinking this coffee (which I originally consume around 6pm, which I would NEVER do with commercial coffee because I would not be able to sleep.!) again, contrary to my theory, I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep within 5 hours of drinking the coffee. No problem.

I really enjoy this product, I enjoy the health benefits, and would definitely consume it in the marketplace.

Thanks Miles so much for sharing it with me!


When Dave and I initially started with OrGano Gold it was purely based on the product (actually the concept, we became OG Founding Members).  It came into our lives at a time when we were looking to make healthy changes.  What we did not realize at the time, was that life the way we knew it was about to change forever.

Physically, we have more stamina, are happier and  have increased mental clarity (to name a few).  That is reason enough to continue consuming these amazing products.  But with this amazing business opportuntiy, we feel like OrGano Gold as a company has literally handed our life to us on a silver platter (maybe a gold one).  What we mean in saying that is firstly, we have the ability to make enough money to know that we never have to worry about finances ever again in our life.  Secondly, through OrGano Gold's Global Master Distributors (Shane Morand and Jay Noland), we have recieved world class training.  It has literally shone the light in an area we had previously been blinded.  Our thinking was so broken, we were literally in bondage to trading time for money and frustrated that there was never going to be enough for us to live our dreams.  So up until OG, we settled.

Thank you Jay and Shane for fixing our broken thinking, which has lead us to live a life where we make our own choices.  We have met amazing people who now work with us.  Our team has literally become our family, and we enjoy doing what we do.  Sharing a product that helps increase health and wealth and choosing who we work with.  Does life really get any better?

Let's just say we are OrGano Gold lifers!!

Lee and Dave Bojic (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)


What does OG mean to me?  Aside from the incredible amount of energy I'm experiencing from the black coffee and capsules I have to say that my testimonial is all about OPPORTUNITY.

Much like the FOUR steps to success, the FOUR questions, as well as the FOUR personality types, for me it's really about FOUR types of opportunity...

1. Opportunity to put something healthier into my body and share this better alternative with those I care about and love.

2. Opportunity to plant the OG flag in my hometown and strive to pursue any financial goal I put my mind to.

3. Opportunity to evolve personally (physically & spiritually) as well as professionally.

4. Opportunity to work alongside some of the most top-notch professional, caring people.  From our sponsors, Lee & Dave Bojic (God bless 'em) to the rest of our up-line including Lana Andreasen and Craig Shear - they've all been so fantastic and helpful (and they are FUN).  Also have had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Bernie Chua and working briefly alongside Shane Morand - this company is built on the real deal type of human beings!  You know what I'm talkin' about!  You know it when you feel it!

Proud to represent OG!

Sheila Webster
Winnipeg, Manitoba - the centre of Canada; the heart of North America!


Hey guys,

Just doing the 4 steps...

I am excited as my product has been out under a week and I got a
customer testimonial and re-order.  A woman in Pagosa Springs e-mailed
and said she is noticing that she is sleeping better, feeling more
energy and most important to her she is needing less food to feel
satisfied (she struggles with weight).  In that same e-mail she
requested I send a box to her sister. The trickle effect has begun!
Good thing I did not wait until I was in CO (due to arrive next week)
to start sharing in that area!!

Also, I think there was a name that I did not even put on my list...
an Ellen... that when I went to call her... I somehow looked
up another Ellen number on my cell.  I do not know her that
well and did not even know her last name... so it was a little weird
when we were accidentally talking and I was trying to place her.
Anyways, she's a real cool chic who used to work for my X and we have
always hit it off.  She says "I love coffee! Sure I"ll try it."
She's already written and said she likes it and feels good (same day
of her first cup) and double checked the address to cut the check to.
Not to mention we both love to ride mountain bikes and go out dancing
so I have a partner in crime for some well needed fun while away!  She
is also in CO... good thing I didn't wait.

All of this stuff just keeps teaching me what I already know...
not to waste time and energy "waiting" (above testimonials) or

Great Journeys!!!

Vanessa Wilkerson (Colorado)


To Whom It May Concern,

Hello, my name is Connie. I am 49 yrs old and motoring thru life with God's goodness. I am very pleased to have been introduced to OG Coffee!!! I have to say it's a God sent product for those of us that need a skip in our step. If you are ready to lay down and die this product is NOT FOR YOU! I absoulutely love the energy I feel from this product. I care for my granddaughter on occasion. It helps me keep up with her two year-old idea of fun. She's my little ball of pure power in action. I love a cup of OG black in the morning, and at "candybar- thirty"... That time in the afternoon that you need a pick me up. The hot chocolate helped my other little granddaughter with irregularity in just one day. She loves it, calls it her cowgirl coffee. Isn't she addorable? Any how, my family and friends are drinking OG . We don't do well as a group if we run out of product. Breakout the firehose and the ax if that was to ever happen again!! Not A good day. If you want to bust thru the ''!
 ikk-can't do it feeling'', just drink a cup of OG black and listen to high energy, techno music on loud! That ought to do it. Peace, Love , and God's Goodness to all.

Connie B. (Ft. Wright, KY)


Dear OG Family,

This is my second testimonial. In my first, I talked about how I have been able to wean myself off of serious pain killers by drinking the OG Hot Chocolate and taking the Spore Powder capsules. Now I am pleased to report that I have also been able to get off of 3 different anti-depressants! For the first time in over 25 years, it looks like I may one day be completely free of daily meds! This is nothing short of a miracle in my life!

Thank you so much for the miracle - oops, I mean "coincidence!"
Joni Beaty (Fort Smith, Arkansas)


1. Since I have been taking the OG Spore Power I no longer have the back pain I use to have on a daily basis.  I currently have no pain.  I know the Spore Power is real because I ran out for a few days awaiting a shipment to arrive and my body spoke to me the whole time. (And it wasn't nice)

2. When it is that time of the month instead of taking BC power (over the counter meds) I now take OG Spore Power (Powder) Capsules. They work great!

3. I was sick to the point I couldn't even get out of bed.  I took 3 OG Grape Seed Oil extract capsules 3 days in a row and no over the counter meds and I was back on my feet like nothing happened.

4. At night I drink the Hot Chocolate and I sleep like a baby.   It's the best sleep ever!!!

Raven Trapp AKA The Coffee Lady (Miami,Florida)


I just wanted to say that OrGano Gold Gourmet Coffee has definitely enhanced my life.  I was introduced to this product after trying a sample Lana gave me @ Body Fuel Organics.  My husband and I started drinking it and loved it.  Good friends of ours Derek and Michelle Henry started selling this product and asked us to come on board and it has been great ever since.  Having a medical diagnosis myself I have found that the coffee has lessened my issues and made me feel healthier and happier in my life. I have more energy and that is awesome.  I want to send a great big thank you out to Lana, Derek and Michelle for directing me to this amazing product.

Yours in coffee,
Tara P. (White City, SK, Canada)


I have so much more energy since I started drinking these beverages and taking the Ganoderma capsules.  I will share these products with as many people as I can.

ELLA B. (Montross, VA)



Testimony -

"OG has allowed me to drink coffee once again.  Regular coffee caused "vice-like" headaches that would creep up on me in the early morning hours.  I would need more and more coffee during the day to keep my headaches at bay.  With OG coffee I can enjoy one cup of coffee in the morning without getting a headache the next day."

Traci Thompson, MA, RD, CLT (Colorado)

Bio: Tracy Thompson is Vice President of Nutrition Services for IMAGEplus+ Health Concepts - As a Registered Dietitian Traci Provides leadership to all of IMAGEplus+ Health Concepts' dietitians and coaches. Traci brings with her nearly 15 years of experience in the field of nutrition, health education and counseling. She has worked with diverse populations in a wide variety of environments conducive to individual comfort zones. Her areas of expertise include: childhood and adolescent weight management, family feeding dynamics, food allergies and aversions, eating disorders, developmental disabilities, and chronic health conditions & weight loss for the adult. Additionally, Ms. Thompson has volunteered many hours serving her profession at both the local and state level of the American Dietetic Association. Currently, she provides leadership to the Colorado Dietetic Association.


My 1st testimony is I lost 12 pounds within the 1st month of drinking the OG coffees and I've been able to keep the weight off.

My 2nd is that I have asthma and allergies and I usually take Singulair and Allegra year-round. I ran out of pills and hadn't had a chance to refill my prescriptions. When this happens, my body knows I have stopped taking the pills and I start wheezing and the allergies get worse. I started drinking the coffees about a 2 months ago and since then, I have not had to take any Allegra, Singulair or any other allergy medicine.

My 3rd testimony is that I used to drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day and I started to notice that I was getting stomach aches from the coffee I was drinking. I was also experiencing dizziness and lightheadedness when I turned around. I started drinking the OG coffees and all of that went away.

Thank you for everyone's support!!

Shonja Mainor (Elk Grove, California)


In August of 2008, I moved to Colorado from Indiana to play college football.  When I got here and realized how demanding football was on my schedule, I knew that working was going to be difficult.  I asked a relative to cosign for a loan, and he answered no.  A few weeks later I received a text message from him with a specific set of instructions "Conference call right now, you can't afford to miss!  (555-555-5555)"  I listened, and afterwards I knew this made since!  I made enough money to eat, handle classes, and football easily.  It wasn't until late November that I realized the real power in the business.  I was enrolled in an internet class, that I didn't do anything for the entire semester!  All of my work was due at the begining of December less than two weeks away.  So I started making/drinking OG coffee!  I had never in my life been so focused on my school work.  I blazed through the class and earned an A for the semester!  My mentors James Holdman and Rod Smith we!
 re always telling me to be a "product of the product" and it wasn't until then I knew exactly why.  Thank you James, Rod, and the entire OrGano Gold Family!

Keith W. (Colorado)


"Just over 4 years ago I went to the Dr. and discovered that my health was at risk. I started the regimen of working out and eating right; however nothing really changed. After more visits to the Dr. they decided to put me on medication that was intended to help health issues. The medication was somewhat successful, but ultimately came with other side effects. Mid to late September of last year I was introduced to "Healthy Coffee". I beginning drinking at least one cup per day and one capsule of Ganoderma in the morning. Since then I am no longer dealing with the health risks from before and I am also no longer required to take the prescribed medication from my Dr. Thank you OG Coffee."

James E Holdman Jr. (Denver, Colorado)


For me, my headaches that used to happen every morning like clockwork are completely gone. I love playing soccer but i could not play as a result of problem with my knees. Right now, am the happiest man around because am enjoying my favorite sport again and teaching my son all without any pain whatsoever. Thank you for all that you have done and I will go above and beyond to share with people everywhere that I go for the products at Organo Gold are special. No let me correct that: "Ganoderma IS THE MIRACULOUS KING OF HERBS!"


Nick K. (Raleigh, NC)



I've been diagnosed with high cholesterol since I was 25.  Back then doctors told me it was my diet.  I tried some of everything as far as my diet to get my cholesterol down.  I even became a vegetarian for a while.  Well, nothing worked.  My cholesterol barely moved.  This was very frustrating since my doctors were telling me that it's what I'm eating.  Eventually, the medical community came to a consensus that high cholesterol could be hereditary.  Although this explained why changing my diet did very little, it still didn't help me.

My doctor said that at the age of 40, I would have to go on cholesterol medicine.  At 41 I did.  I went through a few of the medications to get one that didn't have so many side effects on me.  As it turned out, my muscle enzymes shot up on every one of the medicines. Lipitor did the least amount of damage.

Un-medicated, my cholesterol can be as high as 300.  Liptor brings it down to the 220-240 range.  My doctor has threatened to up my dosage to get it under 200.

In November of 2008, I had my annual physical.  I had been on the OG coffee for about two months. With just drinking 1-2 cups of coffee a day, my cholesterol was under 200 for the first time in my life.

I'm still on Liptor but, there was no talk about raising my dosage.  In fact, there was talk about taking me off if this keeps up.

Also, as I've gotten older, my weight has crept up a few pounds every so often.  When this happens, I just cranked up my workouts and lost those pounds in a few weeks.  After I crossed 40, when I put these pounds on, it got harder and harder to loose then.  It also took longer and longer to get rid of then.  Over the last couple of years, I've put a few pounds on that just wouldn't go away.

After two months on 1-2 cups of coffee a day, I lost 8 pounds. I did nothing new or different. I watched as the little gut I grew just melted away.

I've recently switched to the caps and the tea and lost an additional 4 pounds.  This occurred over a few months.

These pounds are gone and have not come back, and I am now at my college weight.

Dennis M. (Denver, Colorado)


After having my second baby in April of 2008 I began to dramatically lose weight. By switching to OG healthy coffee I was able to maintain the weight that I should be at and have the energy to keep up with my newborn and my 6 year old. Go OG!!

Shari L. Holdman, MBA, Alumni advisor (Denver, Colorado)


I would like to share my experience with OrganoGold. Before finding this amazing product and company I was in the building industry for 27 years. This was a very competitive and stressful business.  After helping to build a successful business for someone else I was laid off - with no retirement package, when the housing market fell apart.

I was wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my life when I was introduced to Organo Gold; then I saw that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. I love the product and I feel better than I have in years. No more stress medication and I am having fun building my own business.  I look forward to having a life time prosperous partnership with Organo Gold.


Aleta Hanson (Thornton, Colorado)


I have been using the Organo Gold coffees and teas now for 2 months. I'd like to share with you my life before being introduced to Organo Gold.

Over the course of 9 months I went from healthy to half-dead. Excited about my recent promotion, I moved into a new apartment; what I did not know was that I had just moved into an apartment with a carbon monoxide leak.  My symptoms started shortly after moving in; I felt as though I had a cold and the flu.  The flu-like symptoms never slackened, only worsened and I began to have spells of nausea which turned into vomiting, fainting, hallucinations, with shortness of breath and chest pains. Months passed and again my symptoms continued to accrue; now I was also suffering from slurred speech, severe fatigue, and walking pneumonia. My oxygen intake was falling, my liver function was now compromised; I had gained 50 pounds with no idea how, my skin began to age rapidly, I developed plantar fasciitis in both feet, along with painful back spasms and was hospitalized on several occasions with migraine headaches.  I was 'let go' from my corporate job; even though I managed to still!
  have sick days available.  Under the direct care of a doctor for 1 year and still my body was completely toxic, he could do nothing for me.

After 2 months using Organo Gold products, I feel so much better and have so much more energy than I ever thought would be possible! Coincidentally, Organo Gold has allowed me to live my life again; my oxygen levels are normal, my liver function is now normal, I am not prey to every cold and flu - in fact I have not been sick at all, my severe allergies have subsided, I have not been hospitalized for head or back pain, my foot pain is almost non-existent, and I am no longer fatigued - and have lost 10 pounds! I will never go without Organo Gold ever again!

Andrea Derby (Thornton, Colorado)


I have had an amazing past seven years; let me start by telling you what has happened to me.  I went on a business trip to Saint Louis, on the way out there I was bitten by a mosquito which in turn gave me the West Nile Virus. I didn't know it and continued to work our there for two weeks. The virus moved to my brain making it swell.  The swelling left a scar which caused me to start having seizures. I was having nine Grand Mal seizures a day; Grand Mals are the most severe form of seizures, your entire body goes into convulsions.  Not very pleasant for me or those around me.  Three years ago I had brain surgery to remove that scar.

After the surgery I still had to remain on the medication, if I missed a pill I would start to feel as if I was about to go into a seizure.  I actually did have a seizure after my surgery (a very scary and emotional experience).  September 26, 2008 OG came into my life, after about two weeks on the product (I drank the latte) I realized that I had forgotten to take a couple of my pills, and I didn't feel any seizure symptoms.  So, I decided to test the coffee a little further.  I intentionally didn't take my pills for three days.  No seizures.  Then I went a week.  No seizures.  Two weeks, a month, two months.  It has now been nine months and I haven't taken any of my seizure medication. The only thing that I have changed is I drink a cup of OG coffee or tea everyday.  I feel great and am very grateful that OG came into my life.

Hey we wanted to give you one more testimonial, Jet went to work today after getting back from vacation and was told that she was being laid off as of today,  we knew that there was a chance because CIGNA was laying off 1,100 but didn't think that she would be one of them.  So we would like to thank you so much because of Healthy Coffee we are not freaking out, we are ok with it and think that this is a good thing because now she can work the business more with me.

Thanks very very much words can not say how grateful we are, we don't know what we would be doing right now

To our Success,

Jesse M Esquibel (Denver, Colorado)


My testemony is very private and personal, so much that I even hesitated in sending this.  But after our training I know that it needs to be said.  <<deep breathe>>

I never went to the restroom regularly, I actually didn't realize that it was abnormal as no one really talks about it.  I as grew older I realized that its not normal to use the restroom every three of four days.  When OG came into my life at first it cleaned me out...   When they say it detoxifies you, they aren't kidding.  Because of the detox I have been able to lose 23 pounds (great side effect)  Now, after nine months on the product (coffee, tea, and caps) I use the restroom everyday.  I feel happier and healthier.

We wish you a Coffeelicious Day !!!!

To Our Success,
Jet Esquibel (Denver, Colorado)



I've been drinking all of the products since Dec. 2008. First I would like to start off saying that from the first cup of OG Gourmet Black (my favorite), I have noticed much more energy and stamina. Also, I started using the OG capsules in May 2009 and the tremendous differences in my life that these caps have brought for me are ridiculous. My eyes have been blood shot red for years and after taking these caps my eyes have cleared up very noticably. I've also been getting lots of comments on my skin. All thanks to our wonderful G3 soap.

Ernest H. (Aurora, CO)


My husband Bryan had been having trouble sleeping and just didn't look well. He is a diabetic and has been on pain medication for the last 5 years for migraines. After the first day of drinking the OrGano Gold Black Coffee he slept through the night. After the first week he said he noticed he had more energy and just felt better. He did experience some mild detoxing during the first week. Friends and family also have noticed how much better he is looking. Before drinking the Organo Gold coffee his color wasn't good. His eyes had a glazed over look to them, like when your sick. He has been able to cut back on his pain medication and hopes to be able to get off them all together. He contintues to comment on how much better he is feeling.

I had been suffering for about 5 months everyday and night from terrible pain on the bottom of my right foot.  I drank my first Organo Gold Mocha in the evening then went to bed.  I woke up the next morning and got out of bed and was totally shocked to find No Pain in my foot! I said out loud "Holy Cow whats in that stuff?"  It's been a little over two weeks since I started drinking Organo Gold drinks and the pain has not returned.

I also have noticed more energy and when I wake up in the morning I feel well rested and find it easier to get out of bed, and I am not a morning person!

God Bless you and your family Bernie Chua for what you are doing to help others.  Organo Gold was introduced to us at a time when it was greatly needed.  I feel very confident and excited to tell everyone I meet about OrganoGold and what it has done for our family.

Terri and Bryan H. (Albany, Oregon)


My name is Casey Nilsen. I am twenty years old, and I am in love. I am in love with the OG products. The results that I have experienced since I began drinking the OG healthier coffee have completely changed the course of my future. When I was a freshman in high school I missed almost half of that school year because I was ill. I was in and out of doc

[Message truncated]


Miss Petra Ortiz

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